Perfectly Twisted with Nicole Eggert #10 feat. Shar Jackson

2:15 – Shar Joins The Show
2:40 – How Shar and Nicole Became Friends
7:45 – Good Burger
9:40 – Could You Tell Someone Would Be a Star?
12:42 – Have You Ever Been Embarrassed By a Past Role?
13:07 – Moesha or Good Burger?
13:45 – Getting on a Show You’re a Fan of
19:02 – How Shar Got Into Acting
21:14 – What Would You Do If You Weren’t in Entertainment?
23:50 – Working With Bernie Mac
27:28 – The Long Days of Being on Set
31:00 – Working With Someone That’s High Maintenance
34:02 – Hallmark Movies
36:15 – Would You Recommend Acting To Your Daughters?
45:15 – Family

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